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Select your shape, find the straight line you want to add a curve to, and add anchor points where you want the curves to appear. Then add your anchor points by clicking on the line where you want them to appear more dots should appear on the line. If you want jagged lines, you are done. Paul Oct 01, Steve Feb 14, Within the horizontal toolbar.

Click on it. Make sure the Anchor Point options are also available.

TUTORIAL ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR CS4 #1 : 4 Customizing Workspaces & Keyboard Shortcuts

If you want to curve more than one edge at once then hold down the Shift key to select each anchor point of the shape still using the direct select tool until you are finished. Let go, then click on the Convert icon. Example should be the similar in previous Photoshop and CC : anchor point menu available on CS6 as an example. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Study this list of commands and their keystroke combinations for selecting and moving objects:. Check out the brand new podcast series that makes learning easy with host Eric Martsolf. Cheat Sheet. Getting to Know the Illustrator CS4 Workspace The workspace in Adobe Illustrator CS4 helps you create and manage your files and documents using various elements like windows, panels, and tool bars.

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Learn More. Cheers, Will Nope, these are the same deke - September 16, as the shortcuts posted to lynda. Just making them available to everyone else. For the betterment of mankind. And all that. I love it! Mind if I steal that for dekeKeys CS4? Oh, and obviously, if you good peops have ideas for other shortcuts, feel free to suggest. Do you suspect that someone broke into my office and actually stole this valuable folder? Make that folder! Thank you! DekeKeys for Illustrator?? You know.

Is that still the case? I have learnt so much from your books, podcasts, videos.

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I want to know more!!!!!!! Any help is appreciated. Thank You! Is there a site where I can download that file or can you email it to me? I would love to complete Lesson 7. Roderick Posted Below, need some help. Thanks Deke!!! Adobe Photoshop CS4 one-on-one photos missing dkvedbraaten - July 04, According to the instructions on page 23…the Balloon Thief folder should have 6 photos. F9 key problem deke - July 06, Sorry for the delay in answering. It sounds like you might be having problems getting around the Fn key issue.

I never thought of that before though. Does anybody know where we can get them from??? Thank you deke keys for ps cs4 myprivacy - September 07, I love all of your tutorials. Wacom Tablets - how to totorial! Are you drawing in Photoshop? Another way to install dekeKeys deke - January 30, I just recently figured out an easier method on the PC: Locate my original dekeKeys file. Right-click on it and choose Copy.

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Go into InDesign. This works with Photoshop, too. Let me know if that works. Hope that helps.

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  6. Hope someone has an understanding of where they go best i realize one can just go dump them in the proper folder of App Support, but leave it to me to want to understand the history of it, or even why. Adobe has changed where it squirrels away its files deke - February 17, More than once.

    2017 Adobe Premiere Pro Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

    Adobe TV - exercise file folder ireeve - March 06, Your video for Indesign is very good, thanks. But you refer to an exercise file folder, where can I get that? Where can I download your preferences for CS4? You really know your reddy. Scott - October 20, can you pleas advise me of the location to install on windows 7 pc DekeKeys Installation Error anoky - April 22, I am having trouble setting up my shortcuts fold in CS3.

    Try dragging it onto the Ps icon deke - April 25, So that your system knows you want to open the file in Photoshop. Anyway, my guess it that a. Fixing Pet Eye symbadawg - April 29, Is there any chance you will do a video on fixing pet eye?

    How to Work Faster in Adobe Illustrator?

    Your expertise would be greatly appreciated. Help galway59 - May 27, Deke, I have just got your Illustrator and Photoshop CS5 1on1 books and was going through the recommended preparation in the Illustrator book I can move on without resetting the OS X shortcuts but this is annoying. Any ideas? Dohhh galway59 - May 27, Never mind. Move on everyone, nothing to see here.

    Operator error again!

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    Hilarious deke - May 27, Thx for the comment and conclusion. The smallest things can hang you up. It contains an updated file and more up-to-date instructions. When copying to Library, I have Version 7. What do I do now?

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    Just noticed the download. Keyboard Shortcuts - InDesign 5. Seems to work fine so far! Good luck CS6 compatible?

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    Also, where can I view the html file for these shortcuts? Help Help!!!! Need Dekekeys for CS5 Windows 8 tgwinchell - December 30, I have been on phone with tech support and they say the DekeKeys will not work with windows 8 without an upgrade. Log in. Deke McClelland Self-appointed expert on all things graphics and imaging, here to answer your questions and serve your needs. More Deke.