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The first step is to drive back the goblins and you can also quest until the clan gains supreme power over others. Build your own village and start a battle with other players. Join together with other players and gain trophies. Discover your favorite attacking army from other countless combinations of the clan reinforcements, heroes, spells and troops. Fight against the goblin King to real the epic campaign.

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Within a Clan there are four ranks i. You can have up to 50 players including the leader in a clan. Even members of a clan can have a private chat in order to socialize with each other. You need to build your buildings, clan wars, build troops and collect gems in the game play. The amounts of resources that are available are shown on the top left. Players must build their gold mines, gold storage, elixir collectors and elixir storage to earn and store gold and elixir.

Elixir helps in training the new troops, carry out research and up gradation of troops to build the buildings. Gold is used to build defense buildings and to upgrade the town hall which allows you to access few other buildings. Now, if you may be still wondering that why should you did this little effort on installing the Clash of Clash for PC anyway when you are just fine playing it on your phone.

The next thing is for you.

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As awesome as the game gets on your android or ios device. Here is why you playing Clash of Cans on PC is a whole another great experience-. We and a million other users have been playing Clash of Clans on PC and on Mac and we have had no problem whatsoever. And also, do not try to run any sort of mod or hack along would this because that may get you banned!

This is the exact same Clash of Clans that you have on your phones. Right here! When we told you not to worry about anything, we meant it. Download Clash of Clans for PC right here and right now!

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The most amazing game is now available for PC and Mac. Choose your compatible device and start your Clash of Clans download right away! All you need to do is click on the Clash of Clans download pc option or mac option and there it is! Your download will be ready for installation. After you are done with Clash of Clans Download pc version or mac version, you can read the step by step guide below and install in on your device!

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As you progress through the game and upgrade your buildings, you will have the ability access different troops. However, it can take a very long time to reach the later stages of the game months. If you want to cut this time down in Clash of Clans on PC, you will need spend some dollars and buy gems that will allow you to progress faster. Get ready to put plenty of effort in training your troops because this will set you apart from everybody else.

The game is highly strategic so you have to keep an open mind all the time. One cannot simply put all the attention to one type of army.

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Your troops should consist of several swordsmen, wizards, dragons, hog riders, barbarians and archers. The very famous war of clans is probably another reason why this game is so popular.

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You will lead your men to fight against the rival clans trying to invade your fortress. The multiplayer mode pits your against another group of barbarians from across the world so it would be good to get your friends in the game as well. Clash of Clans also lets you play in single-player mode but then you will be doing the same things on your own.

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It comes as no surprise since Supercell always comes back with something better for all the fans. There are also seasonal updates that add up more excitement to the entire gameplay.