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Updated December 31, There are several ways to type a grave accent on a Mac keyboard.

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Accent menu: On the keyboard of a Mac computer, hold the letter you want to use with an accent for a few seconds until a small accent menu pops up with different accent options for the letter. Each of the options has a number under it that corresponds to a number key. Press the number on the keyboard that appears under the character with the grave accent or click on the mark or its number in the accent menu using your mouse.

Keystroke combination: A Mac keyboard has a grave key meant to be used in combination with a vowel.

Release both keys and immediately type the letter to be accented to create lowercase characters with grave accent marks. For the uppercase version of the character, press the Shift key after you release the Option and grave keys and before you type the letter to be accented.

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For Windows, the number codes for the lowercase letters are: In HTML, some characters with grave accent marks may appear smaller than surrounding text. In Windows, don't use the numbers located at the top of the keyboard to insert characters with accents. Use the numeric keypad and be sure Num Lock is turned on. Some programs may have special keystrokes or menu options for creating diacriticals such as grave accent marks.

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Troy Ave - 'Chillin' ft. Mac Miller

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Troy ave ft mac miller chillin

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