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Error Occurrence: Very Low. Caller recorder by Skvalex works better than any other call recorders available on Android Gallery. Call Recorder by Skvalex support system is very Good. Overall, for me it the best Call Recorder Utility available. I personally recommend to all users to use Call Recorder by Skvalex. All The best Company. God Bless. Updated on Jan 23, When its working, its audio comes through clearly and its integrated within Skype quite nicely.

Whether it's this program's fault, or Skype, I've had issues with Skype and the call recorder crashing, constantly. I've lost several hours of footage on multiple occasions. This last one was the last straw. I recorded an entire podcast, and right when I went over to press stop to stop the recording, it completely crashed.

My guests could hear me, and I could hear them, but everything within Skype stopped working completely.

Record Skype Video Calls with Callnote on Mac and PCCallnote – Video Call Recorder

This wouldn't be so bad if it would just save up until the point it crashed. Now I just have a useless block of mb of data on my computer that I can't even extract audio from. I tried other "free" Skype recorders and found them a bit complex. This recorder takes all and I mean all the guesswork out of the set up and much to my surprise it worked without a hitch.

Pictures from both sides were good as was the sound. I've read the other reviews that were critical but they were old reviews and I have a feeling they're no longer relevant. I think the price is right. I'm a great fan of software that does one thing and does it well. This is it. For recording Skype to Skype computer to computer conversations, no problem; good audio quality. The app itself is unobtrusive and works automatcially when you start the call. When I play the file back, all I can hear is the other party, not me. I panicked and tried opening the file with many programs to try to boost my side.

Call Recorder does NOT make this clear, and there should be an option to have both sides on one track. The Skype-landline call recordings are junk.

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If all you do is computer to computer calls, you will be fine. If you want to record a landline, you will regret it. None - I didn't really try it or buy it. Now all I get is the Nagware they installed. I found a freeware Call Recorder that I use that's just perfect. Doesn't seem to uninstall. I don't recall using it even. I may have looked at the interface, but I found the freeware one and now live with the Nagware pop-up demanding I buy it. Shades of McAffee I was surprised by how well the calls are recorded, and I would highly recommend it.

For the Record

I installed it on a MacBook pro and tested the call free trial with my business partner who is on a PC. The recording had a very loud echo from the caller side - my side sounded perfect. Although I did not hear any echo during the call, only on the recorded playback.

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  • My business partner has a Skype recording plugin that creates an echo while recording If this problem is fixed somehow in the next version, I would purchase it. I gave it 2 stars because it is very easy to use and the recordings are easy to find and playback. Read reply 1. What you had was a feedback loop. This does not reflect the quality of the recording.

    It reflects the audio equipment at the remote users' system.

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    Either your output was transmitted back into their microphone, from which of course it returned to you, or vice versa. There is no system audio capacity to record a feedback loop you wouldn't hear during your Skype session. What you hear is what you get -- including any hardware distortion which a recorder is naturally going to pick up.

    I've been using Call Recorder for years on a professional, intensive basis. There's no such behavior as you report. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. Works very nicely. I live in California. It came off perfect with no glitches or poor quality sound. The audio was near excellent. I have a Logitech USB headset and didn't realize that this plugin is not compatible with logitech headsets. I purchased it and about 5 minutes into a call it drops the other callers. I am so far very unhappy with this product. Read replies 2.

    I don't know why anyone would assume the recorder is responsible for dropping calls. That's a Skype issue. Happens all the time. Recording software has no power to cause a call to drop. Hi: Sorry for the trouble. The Logitech headset issue is fixed in the new version 1. After trying to find a way to record Skype calls, and finding most solutions far too complicated, Call Recorder seemed the way to go.

    How to Record Skype Calls Using Skype Recorder for Mac

    And it was. The temporary bug in the last version has been quickly resolved, and it works incredibly well. You don't have to do a thing well, perhaps convert the QuickTime movie file into mp3 with the converter that goes with the software. Highly recommended. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

    To stop recording at any time, tap the Stop button or just hang up. The file is saved automatically. When you buy Call Recorder for Skype you also get Ecamm Movie Tools , a simple video editor, for putting together your recordings. You can also select to just have the Local or Remote video showing. To set a start point, scrub to the point you want to use and press the [ key. To set an end point, press the ] instead. Even with an app like Call Recorder For Skype , you have to do some work to make sure you get a high quality recording.

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    Skype Recording Video. Fortunately, there are ways around it. Under QuickTime Options you can configure the quality of the saved files. Everything else is good at the defaults.

    How to Record Skype for Interviews Using Call Recorder for Mac

    Recording Tips Even with an app like Call Recorder For Skype , you have to do some work to make sure you get a high quality recording. For the best sound quality, both you and the person on the other end should be using an external microphone rather than the one that comes built into the Mac Skype is very sensitive to unstable connections.

    How to Record Skype Video Calls on a Mac

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