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If you are familiar with GNU Screen this is nothing new. This hands-on guide will get you up and running with tmux pretty quickly. It will only cover the basic features which should be more than enough to get started and be productive with tmux.

Less Perplexing Terminal Multiplexing with tmux

Simply open your terminal and follow the instructions. Fortunately installing tmux is pretty straightforward on most distributions a simple sudo apt-get install tmux Ubuntu and derivatives or brew install tmux Mac should be sufficient. The status bar is an important part of tmux.

Apart from the currently opened windows on the left it also shows some system information like date and time on the right. When you create a new session, tmux will by default start with one window and a single panel inside. All commands in tmux are triggered by a prefix key followed by a command key quite similar to emacs. By default, tmux uses C-b as prefix key. Thus C-b simply means press the Ctrl and b keys at the same time.

What’s tmux?

To split a pane into top and bottom panes use the C-b " shortcut. But we really really want to go back to the left one.

Just once more, so that we fully understand this: This means you press Ctrl and b your prefix followed by the left arrow key to get to the pane on the left. You can now go ahead and split each of your new panels even further.

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Feel free to experiment and split your panes like a maniac to get a feeling for it. Closing a pane is as simple as closing a regular terminal session. To switch to the previous window according to the order in your status bar use C-b p , to switch to the next window use C-b n. To detach your current session use C-b d. You can also use C-b D to have tmux give you a choice which of your sessions you want to detach.

Now that your session is detached you can pick it up from where you left it at any later point in time. To re-attach to a session you need to figure out which session you want to attach to first. Figure out which sessions are running by using. To connect to that session you start tmux again but this time tell it which session to attach to:.

Note that the -t 0 is the parameter that tells tmux which session to attach to. If you prefer to give your sessions a more meaningful name instead of a numerical one starting with 0 you can create your next session using. The next time you attach to that session you simply use tmux attach -t database. But why should I use tmux and its weird key combinations instead of just using iTerm2? So why would anyone feel the urge to learn some archaic technology in this day and age? And luckily most of the stuff is quite simple to discover.

Just type C-b? On top of that there are plenty of resources out there that help you getting further with tmux. Paul W. Frields has been a Linux user and enthusiast since , and joined the Fedora Project in , shortly after launch. He was a founding member of the Fedora Project Board, and has worked on documentation, website publishing, advocacy, toolchain development, and maintaining software. He currently lives with his wife and two children in Virginia. Tmux is great especially if you do not have access to a GUI, and these are great tips for making the experience better.

But it does to me also make a good point. By default traditional terminal multiplexers do not integrate as well as they could.

Getting Started

There are some downsides to using it. Qtermy is a modern terminal emulator that leverages SSH as well as termy-server. So it is not a solution for the command line. The benefit of TermySequence is that you get a more integrated and modern experience. Thanks Paul. Setting my terminal to automatically use tmux is a great tip.

Should you ever consider a follow up article on tmux then please include how to setup copy and paste across vim instances in tmux as that seems to have many folks puzzled. Even better, use a ssh-mosh client to connect. There are clients for ChromeOS:. In combination with tmux or screen, it allows me to maintain continuous connections to our servers.

You can also use tmux-top in your status to get some handy info about the host. Had no idea you could use this is tmux. Any ideas? There is a link mentioned above for an excellent article on setting up powerline. Also, I am using zsh for my shell and the configuration file powerline in my case is therefore powerline.

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Use zoom to focus on a single process While the point of tmux is to offer multiple windows, panes, and processes in a single session, sometimes you need to focus. Bind some useful commands By default tmux has numerous commands available. Like this: Like Loading Using Software desktop screen software system administration Terminal tools Windows Workstation. Frields Paul W. Mace Moneta. There is tmate for pair-programming!